Keep your small business open in COVID-19!

Are you a restaurant, bakery, butcher, deli, liquor store, local grocery store or any kind of small brick & mortar business that sells products?

If you are, keep reading on how you can SAVE your business during COVID-19.

Facebook Messenger Contactless Ordering System

We have created a simple system using Facebook Messenger that will allow your business to become 100% contactless so you can smoothly operate a curbside pick up, a click and collect operation and or a delivery service.

You do not need a website or checkout process in place to get started.

curbside pick up

How does it work?

In essence, it’s an app solely for your business so you can allow your customers to browse your menu or products and order their products for pick up or delivery..

The ordering system is hosted on Facebook Messenger, yes Facebook Messenger. You know that app that everyone has on their phone! Your customers already won’t need to download a new app, they know how Facebook Messenger works already.

In this video here you will see how we used this system for a local liquor store.


How do you as a business get paid?

All order payments are handled in messenger within the ordering process.

Oh and did I mention, there are NO COMMISSION FEES EVER.

Money is deposited directly into your bank account, no waiting around for fees to be transferred or paid out on other business terms. Your sales, your money. We created this to help keep more money in your pocket and not share it with 3rd party apps.

You will need either a Stripe or Paypal account. This is super easy and set up in minutes.

pick up here

How pick up works?

The customer is prompted at the checkout to let you know if they want delivery or pick up. If pick up is selected, the customer will let you know if they are walking, driving or on bike when they arrive for pick up.

If they are in a car they will be asked to describe their car and it will send a notification to your phone/system/email that they are here for pick up and what the car description is. You can add special instructions like open your trunk, roll down your window, order will be placed on table etc. This section is customized for your business operations.

If your customers are walking or on bike you will add special instructions to keep their distance and their order will be called out, placed on the table and then they can collect. Again, all this can be customized based on your set up.

100% Contactless

100% of fees (minus credit card charges)


contactless delivery

How the delivery option works?

You can enable the delivery option within this system. Customers can select their products, add them to cart and have them delivered to their home. As the business, you can select where you are willing to deliver to. You can add a delivery fee during the checkout process to cover these costs.

Your business can create time slots etc depending on the type of business that you are. For example, restaurant delivery will be right away, butchers could deliver their meat boxes on a certain day and so on. Your system, your rules.

contactless delivery

Get your customers to support you

Your customers want to support you and they think that ordering from third party apps that they are doing just that, supporting your business. They don’t know that these apps are taking up to 30% of your orders. All these apps are marketing themselves as supporting your business to your customers by giving free or reduced delivery fees.

You need to educate your customers & community.

Promote your ordering system

Promote your ordering system on all your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. You have a custom URL that you can direct people to order.

Use your current email list and SMS list (if you have one!) and let customers know you are open for business and how they can order.

selling on messenger

Put Money Behind Your Social Posts

Create Facebook & Instagram ads to attract new customers to your business. Facebook advertising costs are super low at the moment so take advantage to reach new and existing customers. Become your own promoter. Stop giving away up to 30% to 3rd party apps and start getting customers yourself and OWNING their information so you can follow up with promotions and sales emails & messages.

By doing your own paid marketing you are increasing the lifetime value of your customer.

For example: If you paid $1-5 to get a new order. You take the hit on the first order but you get to remarket to this customer over and over. Where you start generating more and more return from your initial investment to get this customer.

Why 3rd Party Apps are not the way to go

They appear to be helping your business by promoting you and reaching new customers. Plus you don’t have to pay any fees to be listed so it seems like a win-win.

In times like this, it’s simple to see they are not there for you. They are still charging full price except in some cities like San Francisco where the government implemented a cap on what delivery apps can charge in commission.


Become your own service provider

We started our business to help business owners like you keep their doors open and keep your employees employed. Own your own marketing and ordering system today for as little as $197. Yes, we know that this is super low cost for everything that this system can do and that is the point of its low price point. We want to help as many people as possible and if you want to be one of those businesses then reach out to us today at

You are in a unique position right now to educate your customers and get them ordering on your own app so when the world returns to the new normal you will be ready to explode your business online operations.